Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raising Money For Charity With My Uterus

It is that time of year again where I near the due date of my next adorable little tax deduction and announce a baby naming auction!  Just like last year, Ken and I will auction the middle name of our next expectant child.

Last year, Reason H&R regular "nicole" won the auction and gave our sweet little Baby Reason™ the middle name "Sophia".

Reason Sophia Spicer

This year, we are expecting another little girl.  She has a due date of December 4th (only two days after Baby Reason™).  We have decided to name her Liberty _____  Spicer, it is up to you to give her a middle name.

All bids can be made either through the comment section of this blog post and subsequent blog posts to come about this auction or in the form of emails to Ken and I.

Just like last year, the name can be whatever you choose unless it is obscene.  All proceeds go to a libertarian charity/cause of the winner's choosing.  The winner is responsible for donating the money and submitting proof of said donation.

So please participate and give the gift of a middle name to a little bundle of libertarian adorableness!

Reason Sophia Spicer

Sunday, February 24, 2013


After much incessant nagging from the female population of Hit & Run, I am finally posting pictures of Baby Reason.  Please Ooh and Aww to your cold, hard libertarian heart's content.  And please vote on your favorite.

Picture 1

Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Picture 6
Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby Reason's Middle Name Auction Update

Put down that mug of Jameson and stop reading that slashfic, it is time for an update on baby Reason [?] Spicer's middle name auction!  Currently in lead is Reason commenter "Jimbo" with a $200 bid for the name Jessica.  Unfortunately for sloopyinca, Jessica is the name of his ex-wife.  Sloopy is now on his hands and knees praying and begging that someone will come in with a higher bid.  So here is your chance lady, gentlemen and Warty to give a middle name to a sweet baby girl.

The auction ends December 1st, so jump on in anytime before then.  All proceeds will be donated to the Reason Foundation.  Please contact either sloopy or I through the comment section of this blog or our email addresses (kenspicer111@gmail.com or KaraTheAwesome@gmail.com) to place a bid.

Good luck to all,

Ken and Kara Spicer

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pick A Baby's Middle Name And Donate The Proceeds To Charity

Have you ever wanted to pick the name of somebody else's child?  Well, now's your chance.  We're going to auction the middle naming rights of our child to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to the Reason Foundation.

The rules are simple:  you get to pick the name and it can be whatever you choose unless it is obscene.  That's it.  No red tape and very few limits to your right to free expression.  The auction will close in late November on a date to be determined.

Our baby will come sometime in early to mid-December.  She is a girl and her name is Reason ________ Spicer.  It's up to you to fill in the rest.

What better way to contribute to Free Minds and Free Markets than to bid in an auction and have your results live on with the child of two libertarians?  And yes, the winning bid will be tax-deductible in case you were wondering.

If you are unfamiliar with the Reason Foundation, please check out their blog, Reason Hit & Run.  It's chock-full of great stories and news articles with a libertarian flair and expert analysis.

If you're going to bid, please leave your e-mail address below or e-mail one of us at kenspicer111@gmail.com or karatheawesome@gmail.com.

Good Luck and best wishes,

Ken and Kara Spicer

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Liveblog From The LP National Convention: Parting Thoughts

Well, we're on our way home.  We decided to skip the festivities/circus that the Executive Committee elections have become.  Neither of us knew anything about the candidates running and have no interest in the idiotic infighting that will do nothing to expand the cause of liberty.

All things considered, it was quite an enjoyable and enlightening experience.  There was quite a bit of spirited debate, as I noted in the debate post.  There was a great deal of energy that was, according to most of the people I spoke to, absent four years ago.  The people we encountered cut across a wide swath of socio-economic backgrounds and ages.  And while it was a pretty white crowd, it was hardly lacking in diversity.  (ex: at one moment, I was looking at Starchild, who was wearing a white bustier, stockings and a very short mini-skirt as he stood by a man dressed as a Confederate bugler with a gay pride flag.)

We both left feeling a little better about the prospects of the LP, libertarianism in general and the nation as a whole.  Having a successful Governor and a former federal judge on the ticket has got to be considered a home run.  And their avowed commitment to support Ron Paul in the GOP while advancing their own campaign has to be considered a shrewd move.

We also both committed to get involved in the LP itself.  Banjos is going to assume the role of Chairman (Chairperson?) pro tempore of the Tulare County chapter of the California Libertarian Party.  And I have decided to play a role in establishing a network of libertarian folks in the central valley that can help get people more involved in elected politics.  It's also likely that I will pursue an elected position in the near future.  Take that as you will, and I know there are quite a few that hate the system so much they would never participate, but I've always been a strong believer in fixing things from the inside whenever possible.

I can only conclude with this:  if you value liberty and are not against voting, please support Gary Johnson and Jim Gray if Ron Paul doesn't win the GOP nomination.  This time around, there's a real chance our voice will be heard.  At the least, we may get enough votes to get some federal funding, paving a way for a third party to break the two party stranglehold on American taxpayers and the rest of the world that just wants us to leave them alone.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Liveblog from the LP National Convention: Part 2

Gary Johnson and Lee Wrights debate...(My comments in parentheses due to popular demand)

First of all, I'm not happy that there are only two people on stage.  I think it's a travesty.

Johnson opens with a pretty decent statement.  He says he will propose a balanced budget in year one and will also propose to get rid of the income tax and replace it with a consumption tax.  He closes with saying he will veto any legislation that involves deficit spending.

Wrights counters with saying he will end all war: no more foreign wars, no more war on drugs, no more war on education or poverty.  He says he is the candidate of peace.

Question 1  When did you come to become a libertarian:  Wrights says he came to the Libertarian Party because he has always been a libertarian.  He says he was raised to be a libertarian and respect all others and never intervene in the actions of others.  (He is not a very good public speaker, btw)

Johnson says he came to become a libertarian in the early 70's when he read a book about freedom and not imposing your will on others.  He says he has always been a libertarian, even when he was Governor of New Mexico.  (He is a more polished speaker than Wrights)

Question 2  What will you do if elected:  Johnson praises Team Blue's record on civil liberties and Team Red's fiscal record.  (Is he out of his fucking mind?)  Wrights says both parties suck ass and are in bed with cronies, special interests and their contributors and are at war with regular people.  (Wrights kicks Johnson's ass.)

Question 3  What is Libertarianism:  Wrights says it is leaving people alone.  Johnson says it is having other people leave him alone and being the best he can be and lead by example free from coercion.  (Both good and fair answers.)

Question 4:  Will the LP end the war on drugs?  Johnson:  legalize, control and tax.  (Is that real freedom?)  Wrights says the drug problem is the drug war.  He calls for the immediate end to all drug prohibition.  (Boom!)

Question 5  Where do you stand on the 2A?   Wrights says the 2A is the linchpin of American society and the only thing the founders got wrong was that they should have made the 2A the 1A.  He is a strong proponent of gun ownership rights.  Says gun control is "using both hands."  Johnson says we should strictly adhere to the 2A as it is written.  He pretty much agreed with Wrights, but not as eloquently.  (Wrights is finding his voice.)

Question 6  Immigration:  Johnson says they need a registration system and a temporary amnesty so people can get in line.  He goes off on a fair tax tangent that he says would eliminate the problem with illegal workers anyway.  He also says the drug war effects illegal immigrants unfairly.(?)  Wrights says the law is impossible for people to follow and says we need to abolish the immigration laws.

Question 7:  What do we do with Social Security?  Wrights says Social Security is a contract we each have with the government.  He says we need to honor existing contracts and not make any more going forward.  Let the young keep their own money and take care of themselves.  Johnson says SS pales in comparison to Medicare.  He calls for means-testing, scaling to the inflation rate and perhaps an opt-in.  He goes back to his fair tax proposal which will render SS unnecessary.  Then says it pales in comparison to Medicare, Medicaid and Military Spending.

Question 8  Medicare/Medicaid/Obamacare?  Johnson says the federal government tied his hands when the Gov of NM.  He wants it devolved to the states or wants the feds to give block grants with no strings attached and let the states run it themselves.  Wrights says it is rationing care, and that is crazy.  He says health care is about saving lives, not saving money.  He wants the government out of medical care altogether and the rest of the runaway federal spending.

Question 9  Bailouts?  Wrights:  fuck em all.  No more bailouts.  Johnson:  If people make bad decisions, let them fail.  (IOW, fuck em all)

Question 10  Farm Subsidies?  Wrights says to get rid of the DoAg and eliminate subsidies.  Says we pay more people not to farm more than what they do farm.  Johnson says he will eliminate subsidies in his first budget and will also do the same for ethanol.

Question 11  What Executive Orders will you make?   Johnson said he did it for welfare when he was Governor of NM.  He said it helped people go to work and nearly eliminated unemployment.  He also said the SC declared it unconstitutional and unemployment went back up and people went back on welfare.  He says he is not opposed to executive orders to shrink government.  Wrights says he would issue only one:  He will repeal all previous executive orders.  (He holds up a pocket Constitution-will govern only from it)

Question 12  What will you do with all the cabinet positions?  Wrights says something about screwdrivers (I could use one right now, or a Bloody Mary).  Says something else I couldn't hear.  Johnson says he will propose a balanced budget.  Says he is open to discussing closing federal agencies, especially HUD, DoE, DHS (standing ovation) and gives a good argument panning the DoE.

Question 13  What will you do as Commander In Chief?  Johnson says is a non-interventionist, but he will be vigilant and that we must be prepared for threats, although none currently exist.  He says any action must get congressional approval.  He says Iran is not a threat but they are pissed because we invaded Iraq.  Wrights says he will declare peace but he is not a pacifist.  He says he will fuck someone up if they attack us, but that is the only way.  He will bring all troops back home.  Doesn't say what he will do when they get back here.  Tells a story about a guy in Hawai'i that waited his entire life to go to war.  He says we shouldn't be raising children to be that way.

Question 14  What will your overall foreign policy be?  Wrights says ours creates more enemies than friends.  Says we are a "nosy neighbor" always screwing with people.  Says stop being a nosy neighbor and start being a good neighbor.  (Basically says nothing at all, which is odd since he started by saying someone told him not to discuss his foreign policy...I guess they were right)  Johnson says he will bring the troops back home (again).  Talks about his dad at Normandy (whose dad didn't help bail out the Frenchies).  Says he will eliminate all foreign aid and follow a policy of non-interventionism.  Will engage in diplomacy and propose balanced budget with a 43% reduction in military spending.

Question 15  How would you deal with Domestic Security?  Johnson says he would have vetoed bill that established DHS.  Says he would never have allowed TSA.  Would have vetoed the NDAA.  (Does he know they passed with overwhelming veto-proof majorities?)  Wrights agrees with Johnson.  (They both need to look at the way those votes went, especially the ones setting up DHS and TSA.)  Wrights calls it all security theater.

(This is exhausting.  I swear to God, there better be more than just a couple of people reading this or I'm gonna be pissed.)

Question 16  What are the essentials of a LP economic policy?  Wrights says to get out of the way and f ro the President to fire people who work for the government.  Says for every bureaucrat fired there are 150 private sector jobs.  (I'd like a citation for that.)  Johnson says his record in NM was rated the best of all governors.  Says he created no jobs, but the private sector did.  Says to not underestimate the power of the Executive Branch in making rules and regulations.  He says they took less time and money in NM to make things better for the free market.  Goes back to the fair tax argument and says it will create tens of millions of jobs.

Question 16  What is the role of the FedGov in regard to Education?  Johnson says it was to get out of the way and to offer school choice with vouchers at the state level.  Does not want the feds involved at all.  Wrights says he will abolish the DoE because he doesn't believe in child abuse.  He says it's too important to turn over to any government agency.  He says he would even take it away from the state government and devolve it to the local level.

Question 17  What should the government do about the mortgage crisis?  Wrights says the government should get out of the way and let the people underwater fail.  He says we need the government out of it.  Johnson says government bears responsibility for writing the loans.  He also says the homeowners bear responsibility for knowing what they were signing on to.  He says the government should have allowed the collapse and let the bubble burst so smart people could buy now and the market could come back quicker.  (A bit of a non-answer from Johnson, IMO.)

Question 18  What would you do to fix the IRS?  Johnson says he will abolish all federal taxes and the IRS.  He says he never raised taxes as Governor of NM.  He says the solution is to slash spending and supports a fair tax.  Wrights wants to abolish the IRS and replace the income tax with nothing.  He says taxation is unfair.  He wants to abolish the 16A.

Question 19  How will you pay for the essential functions of government?  Wrights says with tariffs and excise taxes in the Constitution and to cut spending to those levels.  Wants to stop all non-essential government programs.  Johnson wants to cut spending by 43% for his 2013 budget.  Wants to kill the income tax and eliminate corporate interests.  He is outraged(, I guess).  Says the country is for sale.  ( I missed part of his answer talking to Banjos, sorry.)

Question 20  What to do with the Fed?  Johnson would abolish it if given the opportunity.  Says we must also stop printing money.  Wants to audit the Fed first and get it away from their mandate of price control and full employment.  Wrights says to simply end the Fed.  He agrees with Johnson and also advocates repealing all legal tender laws and auditing the Fed.  He says that will make the Federal Reserve notes go away because they will be useless.  He wants to go back to competitive currencies.

Question 21  One Subject At A Time Act (I think)?  Wrights says "why?"  He says they don't read stuff, and even if they do, they don't follow the constitution.  Johnson says he supports it, and he is a veto king from his time in NM.  Says he will do the same at the national level.  Johnson touts his record on this.  (I start the crowd clapping.  I am very proud of myself.)  Now the moderator is asking the same question again.  Is this the matrix?  WTF?

Question 22  Will you take the red pill or the blue pill (see question 21 or The Matrix)?  Welcome to the matrix.  Johnson nails the question the second time around.  Wrights doesn't.*
*When the machines are inserting an agent, you may have a case of deja vu, hear the same question at a debate twice or see a chick in a red dress.  I swear to God I heard the moderator ask the same question twice.

Question 23  Stance on US territories becoming states and trade with them?  Wrights says to let people be Americans if they want to and to leave them alone and/or trade with them otherwise.  Johnson says to leave it up to the territories.

Question 24  How do you feel about nullification?  Johnson supports it and hopes it gets used more and more often as it catches on.  Wrights says it is among the brightest ideas man has ever come up with.  He says the people are not bound by unjust laws and should nullify whenever applicable.

Question 25  How do you feel about AGW/climate change/whatever they're calling it today?  Wrights says the issue is unsettled and that government needs to stay the hell out of it.  Says if the government gets involved, the temp will go up 10 degrees. Johnson accepts that it is happening and it is man-made, but that the government should stay the hell out of it as well.  He says a good economy will drive a cleaner planet.  Says people want cleaner emissions and they happened because of the free market.  (I guess he hasn't heard of CAFE standards driving up the prices of vehicles to where poor people can't buy a car).

Question 26 What will you do after the race?  Johnson says he really wants the job and will run again in 2016 (I think) and that he will stay with the LP.  Wrights says he will sleep for 2 weeks and then take a nap. He says he has always been a Libertarian and always will be.

Question 27  Will you solicit Ron Paul (cheers from crowd) fans if he doesn't get the GOP nod?  Wrights says absolutely, and that he agrees with Ron Paul and his supporters will be at home with him.  He says it is their natural home.  He says the GOP is destroying their relationship with the Paul supporters.  Johnson says he endorsed Paul in 2008 and earlier in this season before coming over to the LP.  He says Paul supporters will need no prodding to support him and the LP.  He says we need to court them because their home is here.  He wants Ron Paul to win the GOP nod but doesn't think he will and the LP needs to go after his supporters.

Closing  How will your candidacy help the LP?
Johnson says Team Blue has been good on civil liberties and the GOP has been good on fiscal issues.  (I disagree)  He says he has been a civil liberties champion.  Pans the GOP, except Ron Paul on civil liberties and says that his veto pen in NM was his strongest asset.  He says governing is easy if you do it from a libertarian perspective.  He wears a motorcycle helmet and wants people to do the same...if they want to.  Apparently he supports the organ donor program as well.  (Nice closing.)

Wrights hopes we see what he's been talking about when he talks about love.  He thanks his campaign and staff.  He refers to himself in the third person (ugh).  He says he will continue the fight after tomorrow and can't be anything but a libertarian.  He cannot imagine being anywhere else.  He thanks the people for honoring him with the opportunity to be here.  (Pretty gracious.)

Well that's it, folks.  I hope you've had a bit of fun if you were following along live.  If not, I hope you enjoyed it afterward.  I tried to be impartial, open and clever.  I may or may not have accomplished one of those things.


LP National Convention: A Woman's Perspective Part 1

God, these fuckers are ugly.

Live from the LP National Convention: Part 1

Well, we're here.  And after a colossal fuck-up of me leaving our luggage in our living room, we've decided to go with a casual look.

First things first:  we met some of the CA Party leadership, and they sure impress me as nice people.  I look forward to spending more time with them as the convention and election season progress.

We managed to get into a (mostly empty) room and hear a wonderful speech by Wayne Allen Root.  Say what you want about him, good or bad, but the man is an accomplished and engaging public speaker.

Now the bad news.  For a third party with a relatively small national following, there's no damn reason in the world why they should limit their single debate to two candidates.  It's a diverse party, with many different perspectives on how or if the government should tax, its overall scope and its influence on our daily lives and liberty.  And for the party to limit those voices to two is doing itself a disservice.

The debate kicks off in 20 minutes, and I'll be sure to post something at its conclusion if not during.

By the way, we met Jim Burns, one of the candidates that got screwed out of a place in the debate.  I don't necessarily agree with him on everything, but I thought he was a very nice man.  His voice should not be stifled as is happening.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Politics of Death

I just finished reading the Martin thread on H&R, and I’m sickened.

You know what really grinds my gears?  This is exactly what Welch & The Jacket are talking about when they condemn people politicizing everything.  Within days, this whole thing has become either a 1) You hate black people and don’t care if they’re murdered!, or 2) I can’t believe this guy is getting railroaded by the black/outrage community!

Both sides left a giant, fresh, steaming cow-flop in the middle of the road, and most of the Reason commenters stomped right into the middle of it.  This is what they do.  Either way one side wins something; if he’s acquitted, the blues get to cry racism, and if he goes to jail, the reds get to cry reverse-racism.  And all the commenters are feeding directly into that mindset.

For the love of Zod, we’re debasing into common political trash talk a young man being killed (whether justly or not).  And for the people saying Zimmerman is being railroaded…really?  Justice in this country is so pro-black, so afraid of the black populace, that they treat them preferentially?  Is that what we’re going with?  Must explain all those majority-white prisons.

And everyone bringing up 1992 – really?  Is it not enough work to have to tell liberals all the fucking time that it is no longer Alabama in 1969, that now we have to remind each other that the world is not Los Angeles, 1992?  And let's not forget ascribing collective actions to people.  All whites weren't racist scumbags before LBJ passed a magical law, and all blacks aren't just waiting for an excuse to torch something.  Judge the individuals, not the collective.

Can’t everyone just take a step back, take a deep breath, and stop being useful idiot footsoldiers for these assholes?  Jesus tap-dancing Christ; we act like we’re so much smarter and better than everyone else, and then we flunk this test BIG-TIME.

I know this comes across as just being a butt-hurt whiney bitch, but I don't really care.  It's something I felt like I had to say.